Types of gambling bonuses

The following are the most common types of promotions and gifts:

  • Welcome offer – this is meant for new customers who register and fund their online casino account. It is usually given in terms of the percentage of the amount deposited or free spins.
  • No-deposit gifts- this offer gives players the opportunity to play games for free and win real money without the need to deposit money into their account.
  • Matching deposit – This offer is only for existing players and aims at rewarding them for every deposit them make. So in the long-run those who deposit more benefit more.
  • Refer a friend – Gamblers who acts as referee get rewarded with this offer. The new customer on board needs to fund their account and play for the referee to get the prize.
  • Loyalty gifts – Gamblers who have stuck for long with an online casino are rewarded with this offer. It aims at building trust and loyalty.

How casino bonus work and why claim them

Bonuses are monetary or non-monetary rewards that are meant to motivate gamblers in either signing up or sticking around with a casino. With the recent market flood of online casinos, gambling has become even more accessible and the competition between houses has been taken a notch higher. In a bid to ouster each other, houses have become aggressive in marketing.

Almost all the promotions reduce the risk that a player faces of losing money. Be it the free spins or VIP offers; they have a wagering requirement. The wagering requirements imposed means that the gambler will need to wager for long eventually draining his bankroll. With the free gifts at least the player’s risk is reduced since they can play for an extended time without involving real-money. Free spins and other gifts give customers the chance to try out games.

The unending debate of whether to go for the promotions or ignore them solely depends on each player. While its common advice to go for them, some players argues that the gifts derail a person from achieving his target. By the fact you will have to meet a wagering requirement of sometimes 40X, this means that you will need to play for hours which may outweigh the benefits.